Meet Lisa Oliver-King

Lisa Oliver-King, MPH, is a dedicated public health advocate with over 30 years of experience. As the founding Executive Director of Our Kitchen Table, she has empowered urban neighborhoods and championed at-risk communities. Lisa is running for Kent County Commissioner to fight for clean water, safe roads, affordable housing, and robust mental health services, ensuring a sustainable, high quality of life for all.

about me

“Meet Lisa Oliver-King, MPH, a dedicated advocate with over three decades of experience in public service. Serving as the founding Executive Director of Our Kitchen Table (OKT), Lisa has tirelessly worked to empower urban communities, fostering improvements in health and environmental sustainability. Her expertise spans community organizing, advocacy, and civic engagement, ensuring that marginalized voices are not only heard but actively contribute to policy decisions impacting their lives. Represent District 15 as a Kent County Commissioner, Lisa’s vision centers on championing initiatives for clean water, sustainable infrastructure, and accessible mental health support. With a track record of ‘cultivating community,’ she invites residents to join her in shaping a future defined by equity and opportunity for all. Lisa Oliver-King stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to join her in creating positive change that reverberates throughout Kent County.”

My Priorities

As your representative, my focus is on building a stronger, more equitable community. Here are six key areas I’m dedicated to addressing:


Clean Water Initiatives

Ensure safe and clean drinking water for all residents through rigorous testing and sustainable water management practices.


Sustainable Recycling

Develop efficient recycling centers to reduce waste and promote environmental responsibility in the community.


Safe Roadways

Improve infrastructure and road safety to ensure smooth and secure transportation for everyone.


Mental Health Services

Expand access to mental health resources and support systems to address community needs effectively.


Affordable Housing

Advocate for affordable housing solutions to provide stable, safe homes for all residents, reducing homelessness.


Community Engagement

Foster active community involvement and civic engagement to ensure every voice is heard and valued.
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